VAN Kansspelen: the number one sector organisation for providers of games of chance in the Netherlands

For almost 50 years, VAN has been the number one authority when it comes to regulated games of chance in the Netherlands. Together with our members, we guarantee a secure and enjoyable gaming selection in the Netherlands. We also advocate a healthy sector with a reliable and attractive range of games. In addition, we focus on prevention and the training of gaming and catering staff.

A healthy sector with
a reliable and attractive
range of games

All entrepreneurs who provide games of chances in a responsible manner in the Netherlands benefit from the membership of our association. From gaming machine operators to lotteries and from physical casinos to online providers. All these businesses are very welcome, as long as they comply with our strict membership conditions and entrepreneurs’ code.


A broad network

As a reliable and fully-fledged consultation partner of public authorities and other stakeholders, we are closely involved in the political and social playing field in the Netherlands. We communicate openly and transparently with all parties to promote the interests of our sector.

We have regular contacts with members of the Dutch House of Representatives and the Senate and, in particular, with the party representatives specialised in games of chance. VAN also holds regular consultations with individual municipalities, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities and other games of chance providers.


Responsible play

The large majority of players greatly enjoy the reliable and attractive range of games supplied by our members. They have a pleasant evening out and remain within their own limits. Unfortunately, a small share of players have difficulty doing so. These players deserve our care and attention. Our members are well aware of their responsibility and take their duty of care very seriously. Moreover, players themselves also have a responsibility.

Responsible play means that our members supply products that have been approved by law and comply with statutory standards that protect players. We also pursue a prevention policy. As part of this policy, we inform players and, if necessary, call them to account regarding their behaviour. We also refer players with problem behaviour to professional counsellors. For this purpose, our members employ properly trained staff who act expertly and ethically. In addition to the statutory standards, our members also act in accordance with the rules that we impose on ourselves in line with our entrepreneurs’ code.



VAN has been advocating better play since the 1990s. This involves preventing problematic play. Together with our members and other stakeholders, we take our responsibility when it comes to prevention. This has resulted in an extensive prevention policy based on self-regulation. Following the introduction of Section 4a of the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act (Wet op de Kansspelen), part of our prevention policy has been converted into statutory regulations.



VAN Kansspelen advocates a healthy sector with a reliable and attractive range of games. Keeping the range of games attractive is linked to the innovative power of the sector. We therefore hold regular consultations with, for instance, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice and the Dutch Gaming Authority to ensure the updating of the current technical rules. These standards are almost twenty years old. You will therefore understand that they are no longer appropriate for today’s technical possibilities. VAN and its members wish to use state-of-the-art technologies. These also contribute to better protection of players.


Become a member of VAN Kansspelen

At present, VAN represents almost 110 businesses active in the Dutch games of chance sector. Given all the developments regarding games of chance, a strong sector organisation is vital. The more members we have, the better we can represent the sector.


Membership offer the following advantages:

  1. Proactive promotion of interests with all public authorities
  2. Membership stands for quality and expertise
  3. Always being aware of up-to-date sector information
  4. Access to extensive networks
  5. National and divisional meetings
  6. Expert legal assistance at favourable rates
  7. Up-to-date information on legal precedents and legislation
  8. Access to exclusive information and products via the member pages


For more information about membership, get in touch via our contact page, or +31 (0)70 3490190.